Welcome to the exciting world of worship production!  This area of ministry is a growing need as we continue to advance in the use of technology to help advance our worship services to the next level.  Over the last two years, our worship production team has made huge strides in the area of lighting, sound, and video.  Our live stream broadcasts have been viewed by thousands, and our ability to bring a virtual worship experience has been tested thoroughly as we have found new ways to aid our church during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  All of this has been achieved through the many hours of work and dedication that our worship production team has put in, driven 100% by volunteers.

Technicians are always needed.

Our sound technicians provide front-of-house mixing as well as recording of our services and special events. The ideal sound technician is someone with a great ear for music as well as a good understanding of electronics and electricity. Since this is a ministry that is usually only noticed when something goes wrong, our sound techs must strive for flawlessness and have a “thick skin” as well.


First, announcement and song lyric projection are accomplished through a unique program designed specifically for churches. Anyone who is skilled in the use of PowerPoint can be trained on this software. Secondly, video compilation and editing is a growing need. If you are skilled in the use of non-linear editing software, we want to involve you in preparing video for use in our services and special events.