Global Outreach

Awaken Coffee House profits help us to support Deeply Rooted Grounds.

Deeply Rooted Grounds was founded with one thing in mind.  Helping the least of these. They dedicate themselves to seek out the ones that are abused and forgotten.  They work in the poorest of communities providing aid through multi-level community projects.  Their community based DREAM CENTERS provide food, unlimited access to clean water, medical treatment, education and healing for the soul.  Their newest initiative is to provide a home for orphans with terminal illness and physical disabilities. To provide a safe and secure facility to give them the care and love that they desperately need and deserve.  

Maithili Alliance

Lavon Drive is a strategic partner in the Pray for the Maithili missions project. As one of the founding churches of the Maithili Alliance, our church has had a large part in reaching this unreached people group. Located in northern India, the Maithili people are a people group in the 10/40 window that up till recently had never heard about Christ. LDBC has been involved with planting churches through church planters, providing hundreds of Proclaimers, a special device that runs on electricity, battery or solar power that is capable of broadcasting the Gospel in their native language to groups as large as 300. In addition to the Gospel of John being translated into their language, the Proclaimers have been a key component in the strategic reaching of this unreached people group.

For several years, Lavon Drive Baptist Church has been partnering with Bearing Precious Seed, a Scripture publishing ministry of First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio. Since 1973, BPS has printed over 192 million Scriptures and Scripture portions and distributed them to churches and missionaries all around the world.

Our church body has participating in several Seedline projects where we have put together thousands of Scriptures that have been utilized by churches and missionaries around the globe.

Global Impact Celebration

Annually Lavon Drive Baptist Church takes a week to recognize the sacrifice of missionaries and those devoted to spreading Christ’s love by meeting the needs of all people, both spiritually and physically.