Deaf Ministry

Originally started in 1984, the Deaf Ministry at Lavon Drive Baptist Church exists to make Christ known to those who are hearing impaired and to lead God’s people in deaf worship. Interpreters for the sermons are available upon request. Interpreters sign in spoken English. ASL interpreters are not available at this time. Please contact the church office before Sunday to request an interpreter and notify the church if you will not be attending so the interpreter can be notified. You may also ask the church office to provide your contact information to a member of the Deaf Ministry team listed below and someone will reach out to you. Once you arrive at the church, please stop by the Welcome Center in order to be introduced to a member of the Deaf Ministry.

                                      Deaf Worship Interpreters:

                                              Judy Roark

                                              Stephanie Keese

                                              Sara Kyle

                                      Sermon Interpreters:

                                                Daniel Wynn

We encourage those who are interested in learning sign language or anyone who wishes to participate in signed deaf worship, to join us at the front of the auditorium where you can follow an interpreter. Throughout the year, the Deaf Ministry hosts deaf fellowships at Awaken Coffee Shop. Anyone interested in learning more about the Deaf Ministry is welcome to attend these fellowships.


                                           2022 Deaf Fellowship Dates:

                                           April 29th, 9:00-10:30 AM

                                           June 3rd, 9:00-10:30 AM

                                           Sept. 23rd, 9:00-10:30 AM