Open to children age 3 – 6th grade!  More information coming soon!

We’ve got a fantastic season planned for Praise Kids this year! This amazing Children’s Worship Arts Ministry will get your kiddo excited about serving God. Read on to find out more and register today!

What Is Praise Kids?

Praise Kids is our Children’s Worship Arts Program where children learn to worship God with their voices, their talents, and with their lives.  Praise Kids serve regularly in our Sunday services and are taught the skills needed to be the worship leaders of tomorrow.  It has been said that the children are the church of today who will lead the church of tomorrow.  We want to be part of training those leaders! 

What are the Goals?
  • To teach children what worship truly is (which is not necessarily singing, or just limited to singing!)
  • To give the children tools with which to worship
  • To give children experience in worshiping with their gifts, even at a young age
How Does It Work?
  • Praise Kids is a graded program, with classes in preschool (ages 3 and 4, younger children (K5-2nd grade), and older children (3rd-6th grades).
  • Preschool children learn songs and stories that emphasize basic biblical truths. They have several performance opportunities throughout the year including church services.
  • Children in K5 – 6th grades have a blast playing music games (cleverly-disguised music theory!!), learning sign language, and, of course, learning to sing to the Lord!  Songs are selected that support biblical truth, and all lessons are complemented with Scripture lessons and activities that lay the foundation for all we do.
  • K5 – 6th graders learn how to use their creative gifts to serve in ministry, from singing in services, leading praise teams, and learning sign language, drama, and technology.
Where does Praise Kids meet?
  • Age 3 – 4 meet in the East Wing (Nursery area).
  • K5 – 6th grade meet in the upstairs of East Wing.
How Do We Register for Praise Kids?

You may register your child by clicking the button at the top of this page. If you have any questions, please contact the director, Britnie Copeland, at